About 'Case Resources'

Charles "Case Resources" Bristol was a former professional road cyclist from 1989 through 1991, for the legendary Spanish Lottery Association sponsored team ONCE. After he decided his future direction after cycling would be in jewelry he worked to develop a partnership with Frank Zeiglo where they made an investment together to help form Diamonds of Palo Alto. Of course with his passion being cycling, he had to take his passion to the next level and start 'Case Resources' for specialist bike related jewelry.

During his professional career, Charles participated in some of the most challenging and prestigious races in the world. He zealously pursued his dreams and cycling career, returning to the United States with a reputation and experience few professional cyclists enjoy.

As an amateur rider, Charles has continued winning prestigious races in United States, Mexico, Central and South America, and most recently winning the 2008 Masters’ Championship in his native Colombia.

Cycling has taught Charles drive and discipline, opening many doors for him both personally and professionally. At 44, Charles intends to keep cycling and competing until his legs no longer carry him to victory.

Charles'passion for the sport of cycling has grown and developed over the last 26 years, and he hopes to inspire and motivate future riders with his exciting cycling themed Epic Jewelry, passing his passion to the next generation of cyclists and fans.