Is jumping from one Medicare Advantage Plan to Another Legal?

This is one of the crucial but disturbing question that has been lingering in the minds of many interested parties. At some point after taking an original Medicare and eventually enrolling in a Medicare plan of your choice, you will by chance realize that that could not be the right plan that would cover your needs to the later. The other thing that will drive you towards thinking of changing from one Medicare advantage plan to another is when you realize that your health condition has gradually changed. This are two instance when you will certainly realize the need to change from one plan to the other.  Get a quote for 2019 plans at

The first thing that one has to understand is the policies governing the overall Medicare original plan does allow one to shift from one plan to another. With that the answer as to whether it is legal to jump from one plan to the other. The only thing that you need to do is that you need to be careful to enroll within the Open Enrollment Period. The open enrollment period is within the Medicare advantage policy. As much as the legality of jumping from one plan to another is guaranteed, you need to be aware of the fact that switching from a plan to another will mean that you will forgo the other benefits you have been accruing from the previous plan.

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The new plan will take effect as soon as you switch from the previous plan to the current plan. The current plan will also take effect as soon and as possible meaning that you will get to enjoy health care benefits on immediate basis. In some case, there will be delays in those cases when there are critical concerns with your shift from one to another. The concerns might arise from mistakes or lack of proper application. This will bar you from being moved from one plan to the other. With that idea in mind, it is actually possible and legal to switch and start enjoying the benefits immediately after the shift from one plan to the other.

It is also possible to remove your membership from any of the Medicare advantage plan and still enjoy the umbrella of the original Medicare. It is therefore, also, legal to for you to remove yourself from any of the Medicare plan as long as you will follow the right channels.