Medicare Plans

Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B are health insurance plans that will take care of numerous medical issues someone may have. Only they do not cover everything. People will still have numerous copayments and deductibles that will be their responsibility. Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B do not cover all medical issues, such, as vision and dental checkups, prescription drugs and any foreign health care if you travel.

People with original Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B may get a Medicare supplement plan to cover all expenses or they may acquire a Medicare Advantage Plan. People have the option of making the choice of original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan that incorporates original Medicare. Medicare supplement plans work with Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B and they are also known as Medigap plans. It is a consideration to really look at both plans to see what they have to offer and what medical expenses they will cover.

An Aetna Medicare supplement pays the gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B. and will help with the medical costs not covered by Medicare. You must continue to have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B in order to have a Medicare supplement plan. You will also need to get Medicare Part D to help with your prescription drugs. That coverage is not included in a Medicare supplement plan.

Medicare pays 80% of your hospital costs and medical procedures while a Medicare supplement plan will cover the remaining 20% with copayments or deductibles. These plans may also cover medical expenses that Medicare does not take care of, like Medicare Part B excess charges or health care in a foreign country.

Medicare Advantage Plans are another option for a senior. You still have Medicare but its benefits are within the Medicare Advantage Plan. You must live in the state where you enlist the Medicare Advantage Plan you may be considering. With some exceptions, you may not have end stage renal disease. Some of the Medicare Advantage Plans will also cover your prescription drugs, vision, hearing exams and dental. The plans are all different and need to be looked at carefully to determine what will work best for your situation. Individual insurance agencies offer both Medigap plans, as well as, the Medicare Advantage Plans. Depending on where you live and what plan you want, each insurance agency will offer different costs for the premiums for the same plans.